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Latest news:  <12 October 2012> Our latest sensor kit is now available! This kit is for tablet counter manufacturers that desire the best sensors for their tablet counting machinery. The kit consists of a 6 channel detector, 6 channel emitter and 6 channel amplifier unit. Of course it incorporates our popular "Dust-No-Problem!" detection algorithm.

Contact us now to inquire about the "Dust-No-Problem!" upgrade kit.. This easy to install kit comes with 100% money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

Our latest upgrade features the Cremer CF-830 Type II Tablet Counter
Cremer Terminal Upgrade Cremer CF-830 Type II Controller Upgrade Cremer CF-830 Detection unit Upgrade
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Cremer CF-830, King TC-8, King TC-12 Terminal Upgrade King TB4 and TB5 Batch counter Upgrade Swiftpack SPC and King TB4 sensor Upgrade
Cremer CF-830; King TC-8; King TC-12; King TB4; King TB5; Swiftpack SPC Upgrades

XIAC is well known for solutions in industrial automation. We do electronic repairs, electronic design, develop software, improve/expand current solutions. Our main customers use pharmaceutical tablet and capsule counting machinery.

  1. King TB-4, TB-5, King Dispensa
  2. King TC-8 Tablet counter (service, repair & upgrades)
  3. King TC-12 Tablet counter (service, repair & upgrades)
  4. Swiftpack machines that have "SPARC SYSTEMS LTD" PSR25 (with and without automatic gain control) (ELSEN25PSR) sensors in the sensor head. PCS 2547/1 & PCS 2548 ISS 0. We supply new “Dust-No-Problem!” sensors world-wide. New sensors have 46dB electronic dust compensation and are exclusively available through XIAC Australia.
  5. Most Cremer machinery including CF-830, CF-1230, CF-1220
  6. Tronics BLD-06 stepper motor controller/driver (labelling machine)
  7. Lepel induction sealer PSU
Disadvantages of replacing your current tablet counter:
Advantages to upgrade your current tablet counter with a XIAC retrofit:
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